Segmented Turning Calculator

Fri 24 March 2017

Design segmented bowls for woodturning. Model the entire bowl in 3D. Graphically adjust the profile, segments and colors of each ring. Calculate cut angles and lengths. All from your browser on any operating system. Free and open-source code, no sign-ups required.


Features include:

  • Drag and drop drawing of bowl profile
  • Set thickness and number of segments in each ring
  • Rings can contain segments of different arbitrary sizes
  • Color individual segments or patterns of segments in a ring
  • Generate a report of all dimensions and cut angles in fraction or decimal format
  • Change units between inches and millimeters
  • Rotate individual rings or "twist" for spiral effect


Launch the calculator from the Segmented Bowl Designer Website. Your browser must support HTML5, WebGL, and Javascript.

Source Code

Entirely HTML/Javascript. Runs client-side only so it can be downloaded and run offline with no servers required.

Source Code Repository