Mac QuickLook Generator for GDS and DC2 Layout Files

Sun 23 February 2014

These two projects are Mac OS X Quicklook generators for GDSII stream files and DC2 Design Cad files. The GDSII file type is commonly used in integrated circuit layout. The DesignCad quicklook was written specifically for DesignCAD 2D ASCII format used with the NPGS e-beam lithography system.

NAND circuit


GDS Quicklook

DC2 Quicklook


To install, open the downloaded files and copy the "GDS Quicklook.qlgenerator" and/or "DC2 Quicklook.qlgenerator" files to /Library/QuickLook (or ~/Library/QuickLook for single user use).

Hit spacebar while a GDS or DC2 file is highlighted in Finder to bring up the preview.


This is not meant to generate an accurate or complete rendition of the GDS file. Some drawing commands, such as magnification, are not yet implemented. The software is simply meant to provide a quick preview of the actual contents on an OS X system.


Source code repositories for GDSII and DC2 are here.

Wheel Test Pattern