Circuit_macros preview app for Mac OS X

Sun 28 April 2013

This is a little python app I wrote up to provide a sort of GUI for the circuit_macros package. Circuit_macros is an excellent way to draw professional-looking electrical circuit diagrams, but it takes a series of steps to compile the code describing a circuit into a finished image. This app will call the right commands and show the image with a single click.

Its target platform is Mac OS X, and it should run ok on Linux (although KDE/Linux already has the Cirkuit program, which I'm sure works great and has far more capabilities, but it was faster for me to throw this script together than to wrestle with building the thing on Mac). As written, it won't work on Windows, but it could be tweaked to do so fairly easily.

Download the program from Bitbucket repository, or using the direct link here

Circuit Macro Preview Screenshot

This is by no means a fully-polished app. There's only three functions: save/preview, open, and zoom. But it gets the job done and (in my opinion) is quicker than messing with make files or other command line scripts. All it takes is a CMD-S to save and regenerate the image.

A few things are required to install and use:

You will need to change theĀ CIRCUIT_MACROS_PATH variable at the beginning of the python script to point to your circuit_macros installation.

Download the program from my BitBucket Repository, or using the direct link here