Winter storm time lapse

Sun 24 March 2013

Time-lapse video of winter storm Virgil on 24 March, 2013.

Make sure to click-through if you want to see the full-resolution version. The video was made using a Nikon point-n-shoot camera tethered to my laptop, and gphoto2 to capture and download one image every minute. Entire time was about 4.5 hours until I stopped it after getting dark. To get gphoto to do a timelapse, I used this command:

gphoto2 --set-config flashmode=0 -I 60 -F 400 --capture-image-and-download --filename "img_%H%M%S.jpg"

This kept the flash off, took a picture every 60 seconds (-l 60) and captured 400 frames (-F 400). It downloads them to the current folder and names them with the current time stamp, then removes from the camera. Images can then be compiled into video using ffmpeg or something like Time Lapse Assembler.